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Karen B. Hall practices primarily in the area of Family Law which includes divorce, child custody/support, pre-nuptial agreements, adoptions, conservatorships, guardianships, mediation and collaborative law.

She holds degrees from Duke University and the University of Memphis and holds an “AV Preeminent” peer review rating, the highest possible rating in both Legal Ability & Ethical Standards.

Karen B. Hall, Attorney

We Can Help You Navigate the Waters of Change

If you are undergoing or considering major life changes. We can help.

Our first priority is providing you with legal solutions that match your needs. We can equip you with tools and information needed to reach an amicable resolution to your divorce, parenting time, establishing or changing child support or other issues. We can prepare you to go to court when there is no agreement.

But we are ever mindful that clients’ lives go on while their cases are pending — and they often have many persons and situations they have to consider. We will zealously represent you, always keeping in mind the comprehensive picture of your family and your life. We encourage our clients to maintain a healthy balance in their lives, to take care of themselves during stressful times, and to move forward confidently in the new direction of their lives.

Legal Solutions For Today's Families

The absolute divorce is only one part of the process. It is merely the judicial proclamation that ends your marriage. The complexity of a domestic case arises in deciding other issues such as child custody, child support, division of property, and alimony. These issues are resolved either through negotiation or through a court process.

While the term “custody” remains in general usage, parenting decisions in Tennessee generally establish one parent as the “Primary Residential Parent” (“PRP”) and the other as the “Alternate Residential Parent” (“ARP”). The PRP is generally the parent with whom the child resides more than fifty percent (50%) of the time.

Generally, “marital property” means all real and personal property, both tangible and intangible, acquired by either or both spouses during the course of the marriage up to the date of the final divorce hearing and owned by either or both spouses as of the date of filing of a complaint for divorce

“Alimony” means payments for the support and maintenance of a spouse, either by lump sum or on a continuing basis for some length of time. Alimony is paid by the supporting spouse to the dependent spouse. A dependent spouse is a spouse, whether husband or wife, who is substantially dependent upon the other spouse for maintenance and support. The amount of alimony varies.

Mediation is a process in which a third-party neutral assists in resolving a dispute between two or more other parties. It is a non-adversarial approach to conflict resolution. The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication between the parties, assist them in focusing on the real issues of the dispute, and generate options that meet the interests or needs of all relevant parties in an effort to resolve the conflict.

A pre-nuptial agreement sets out the agreement of the parties concerning how their property would be divided or what support would be provided in the event of death or divorce. Parties who intend to marry may enter into a pre-nuptial agreement that covers property owned by either spouse before the marriage, including the income from and appreciation in value of that property.

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